My philosophy

Since 2011 I have been working with recycled or recyclable materials. I am convinced that everything can be used in different ways, infinitely. If one thinks it and especially experiences it, almost all things can be reused.

As an artist, I want to put my beliefs about sustainability into practice and show how important recycling is in any of its forms. This I carry out using materials that in principle were destined to the waste. I also reuse old elements already recycled. Even my own works are sometimes generated thanks to an unlimited reuse of parts of previous works that, in an endless creative process, become a new work.
My creations are made up mostly of collages that gather all kinds of materials recycled by women and men: from glass to metals, going through the most diverse woods, the most malleable plastics, the most ductile fabrics. In these works I want to represent the balance between nature and the human being, with their effort since the beginning of time to recycle everything and to create factories where life is re- created.

That coming and going of the matter of nature to women and men has inspired me in the search for new artistic paths. My pictorial voice wants to express itself through concepts that encompass sustainability. With this I have found another possible way to help improve the environment with imaginative artistic manipulations that seek to achieve compositions full of balance, color and shape, and with which I transport the viewer to imaginary worlds.

In my artistic work, education and the educational community (teachers, families and students) have a privileged place. I often work with schools where, among all of us, we carry out projects in which I try to transmit the concept of what it is to recycle, reuse, create and recreate, to update endless works whose base are the materials that we all recycle.